The power of 5G devices

A 5G Ultra Wideband boost to business.

Verizon is building a 5G network to enable businesses to:

•  Drive enhanced productivity

•  Create new revenue streams

•  Generate and harness massive amounts of data that can improve operations

•  Provide secure, mission-critical services

•  Respond more quickly to changing business dynamics

•  Deliver better value to customers

5G Connecting the Community


Smart Homes

Virtual Reality

Smart Energy


Smart Phones


Be 5G ready, right now.

5G is no longer in the future; it's here now or will be arriving soon. Learn now Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is built right for business.

Whether you're looking for tools to revolutionize your network, drive workforce productivity or protect your business from security threats, our products can provide the building blocks. Our decades of network and telecom experience partnering with enterprises and federal agencies can help you solve real challenges and drive powerful outcomes.